The Story Of My Life

The Story Of My Life #11 | SORRY!!

Hello Readers!

Let me first start off with sorry. Sorry for being absent for a month, I wasn’t feeling like blogging or reading for that matter.

So let me get you a little context on what was going on in July. So July was a pretty exciting month for me, because it was my first month of my medication. I have taken medication for my depression for over a year and in June I was decreasing the amount I was taking and in July it was the first month without those pills in over a year.

Before decreasing, I was told that I would experience the side effects I had when I first started, so that would mean: headaches, stomachaches, and dizziness (just overall a weird feeling in my head) and extreme emotions. I’ve had them all and right now I am sometimes still experience extreme emotions, mostly sadness. When listening to an emotional song on the radio, I could burst out of in tears. I actually did that twice while I was driving, oops.

But because my emotions and overall mood were all over the place, I wasn’t feeling like reading, I have been in a reading slump the whole month and I feel like I am just getting out of it. And with that because I wasn’t reading and I was very busy with work, I didn’t feel like blogging or filming videos for YouTube as well, so most of the time I didn’t. I also didn’t make any photos for Instagram and overall just disappeared of social media. I wasn’t feeling like doing anything.

But I am feeling better, I am still very busy. But I feel like I want to get back into stuff. I have been planning a lot for the next few months, in the hope to prefilm and prewrite a bunch of content before college starts again.

As for now, I plan to blog 3 times a week, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I really hope I can keep up with it and not disappear again and disappoint you guys. So you guys have my permission to come and yell at me on twitter or Instagram or on here if I disappear again XD

So how are you all doing? How has life been treating you these past few weeks?

2 thoughts on “The Story Of My Life #11 | SORRY!!

    1. Glad I’m not the only one 😅 So far I am doing great, I am a bit scared for when I start college again. But I’ll see that by that time, I’m not going to worry about it too much. Thank you for asking ❤

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