Massive Unhaul

Hello Readers!

Today I would like to talk about something I did like a month ago, and that is a massive unhaul. In this period I was really overwhelmed with everything and with that also my TBR, which resulted in me not reading anything since I was so overwhelmed.

I had over 200 books on my physical TBR, some were put away for later and the rest was sitting on my bookshelves staring at me every time I was in my room. So one day I decided that I was going to go through all the books I own and unhaul the once I didn’t like when I read them or the once I wasn’t interested in anymore.

So in one day I went through all the books I own, English books. I got the once I had already read and stocked in boxes to my room and I went through all of them. It took me about 3 hours to get everything done and back into boxes and on my bookshelves once I was done.

In the end I got rid of around 150 books, read and unread, which have me the feeling of achievement and rest. Now when I look at my TBR there are still over 100 books on it, but those are all books I really want to read. I do still have the books I am getting rid of because I want to see if I can sell or give some away, to friends or via a Facebook group I am in.

I feel better now that my physical TBR has become more manageable. I hope to get a lot of those books read in 2019, so I won’t be feeling as stressed as I was before.

With this I have also made the deal with myself that I will be more critical of the books I will buy in 2019. So I won’t be buying books I might be interested in or because everyone talks about it. I will only be buying books I am really hyped about reading.

How do you handle books which are really hyped up but you are not interested in them?


3 thoughts on “Massive Unhaul

  1. Wow, 150 books, that is really impressive. It must have taken you a great deal of time to sort through all those books. I am happy that getting these books off of your shelves has made you feel better.


  2. wow, that is so impressive! teach me your ways! I have so many books, including 3 shelves of unread ones, and I need to make space because I live in a small apartment and we don’t have enough room for all my books. This post gives me hope that change is possible lol


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