2019 Goals

Hello Readers!

I know we are already almost a month into the New Year, but I am still going to share my goals with you. You can always create new goals if you want to, it doesn’t have to be at the start of a New Year per say. I am going to share my Reading goals for 2019 with you, since I don’t have any personal goals except finish my Bachelor degree and eat healthier.

Read 100 Books.png

This year I am going to do it! This year I will read 100 books, the past two years I have been pretty close and I wasn’t even trying last year, so it must be very doable.

Read 100 Books (1).png

At first I was thinking that I will do a big book a month, but there will probably be months where I will read 3 big books and months I will read none. So I will be trying to read 12 big books in total over the course of 2019. I usually am pretty intimidated by big books and I have quite a few on my shelf, so I will try to intimidate them before they intimidate me.

Read 100 Books (2).png

With this goals it is the same as with the last goal, only it will be classics instead of big books. I have a few classics on my shelf and I would love to get to them.

Read 100 Books (3).png

I really would like to catch up with the 2018 releases I own, because it stresses me out that I haven’t read them yet. And there might be sequels coming out this year for those books, so I would love to read them before the sequel comes out so I can dive right into the sequel once it is out. Which ties into the next goals

Read 100 Books (4).png

These are going to be releases I buy and pre-order, so books I physically own. That way I can go with the hype of other people and my own once I get them in the mail. I always get so excited when I pre-order a book or buy a new release, and then they stay on my shelf for the rest of the year and my excitement dies down. I don’t want that to happen to them as well. So I will try to keep up with them.

Read 100 Books (5).png

I recently did a huge unhaul and I am still left with a TBR of 150 books, which means I am still very stressed about the books I still ‘need’ to read. So I am going to be very selective with the books I buy, so I won’t have to unhaul them at the end of the year because I bought it because of the hype or because it was cheap. I will be buying books I know for 100% that I want to read them. And I will be reading them in 6 months after getting them. So they won’t stay for long on my TBR and I can ride the excitement I still have for the book.

Read 100 Books (6).png

So, like I said, my TBR stands as of the beginning of the year at 150 books, I would like to get that down to 75 books in total by the end of 2019, so that means I would have to read at least half of my TBR and keep up with my newly added books, which was my previous goal.

And here is my last goal for 2019!

Read 100 Books (7).png

Because of my personal life interfering at the second half of 2018, I haven’t finished any eARC since then and I feel really bad about it. So my plan for 2019 is to first read all the eARCs I have, and then request like 2 per months (I will keep wishing for everything that does look interesting though), that way I will stay on top of my eARC and I wouldn’t have to feel guilty or stressed.

So these are my goals. What are some of your goals for 2019? 

4 thoughts on “2019 Goals

  1. Good luck with all your goals! I’m also usually intimidated by big books but I have my challenge on 60 so I should be able to fit in larger books more easily this year. I hope. 😉


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