BUDDY READ WITH ME | Every Heart A Doorway (Part 1: Ch 1-3)

Hello Readers!

So like a week ago I was struck with an idea at like 2 AM in the morning and today I am going to share that idea with you. I have always been a fan of buddy reading, I love the interaction and discussing a book which you are reading together. So that is what we are going to do! We are going to buddy read Every Heart A Doorway together.

I picked Every Heart A Doorway since it is fairly short and pretty popular. Since it is short we will be picking a book to read together pretty quickly. I planned to do Every Heart A Doorway in three parts. If you would like to read the book alongside me, you can go to my YouTube video for this series.

So from here on out there will be spoilers for the first three chapters! You have been warned!

Chapter 1

In this chapter we are introduced to the main character of this book Nancy and she went to the Halls of the Dead. In this chapter we first see her when she enters the school and is met by Eleanor and this is where I made my first note/tab. Normally, I am not really a person who notices quotes or writes them down. But this time I noticed them. I have written down two from this chapter. And they are:

“She was a story, not an epilogue. And if she chose to narrate her own life one word at a time as she descended the stairs to meet her newest arrival, that wasn’t hurting anyone.”

And, “’Real’ is a four-letter word, and I’ll thank you to use it as little as possible while you live under my roof.”

After this we meet Sumi, who is a girl with Japanese heritage and she went to a world which isn’t named yet I believe, but it has something to do with cake.

So overall I am enjoying the characters we are introduced to in this chapter. The world and the writing style give me a kind of Alice in Wonderland vibe. It is very whimsical and nonsense, which I really like.

Chapter 2

In this chapter we are introduced to three more characters and the first one is Kade, who came from Fairyland. From what I could understand, and correct me if I am wrong, Kade is transgender. He has a library for a room (I would really love to switch rooms with him) and obviously has a passion for reading.

After Sumi and Nancy leave Kade’s room they talk a bit about sexuality and Nancy tells Sumi that she is asexual. And I really like the way this was handle, and the fact that Kade is transgender, it feels natural and the characters react normal to the information presented to them. There is no judgement from the characters and I find that to be very positive.

Another thing worth noting is that there is swearing and talk of masturbation in this chapter.

At dinner we are introduced to the sisters Jack and Jill, and it isn’t clearly stated to which world they went. I did notice that almost every bit of information about characters is given through dialogue, which seems normal since Nancy is new and gets told to background. It isn’t a con but it is something I noticed.

Chapter 3

In my opinion this chapter was a bit more exposition to get to know the world, also through dialogue. We are told that there are multiple schools like the one they are in right now. Children going through doors happens all over the world, so all over the world are places for them to get used to living the their original world again. I really liked this bit of information, because it shows that it does happen to more children who don’t live near the school. I actually would really like it if those schools were explored or if we were to get a bit more information on that.

And the last thing I noted down was that there is a possibility of doors opening again for children who have gone before. They don’t know why or how, but it gives more dept to the characters’ want and hope to go back to the world.


So those were the first three chapters. I really enjoyed my time reading them. I was writing down notes as I was reading and I noticed that I was starting to write less and less as I progressed through the story, which means that I was getting sucked into the story.

What are you thoughts on the first three chapters? And what are your thoughts on this series? I’d love to hear any tips or improvements you would like to see for the next part. And above all I hope you enjoyed reading the first three chapters and starting a buddy read with me. Oh and no spoilers for the next chapters or the rest of the book(s)!

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