BUDDY READ WITH ME | Every Heart A Doorway (Part 2: Ch4-6)

Hello Readers!

And welcome to the second part of the Every Heart A Doorway Buddy read. Today we will be discussing chapters 4, 5 and 6. So if you have read those chapters you can see what my thoughts were on them and of course tell me your thoughts. If you still need to read them you can go here to read alongside me, or if you haven’t started Every Heart A Doorway yet you can go here to read the first three chapters alongside me and here to see my thoughts on them.

Also if you don’t want to read Every Heart A Doorway now, you can decide which book we will be reading after this one is finished. I do plan to read the whole Wayward Children series for the Buddy Read series, but between every book I want to read another book which you get to decide. So please let me know, which one of the four you would like to read with me.

  • A Curse So Dark And Lonely
  • Starfish
  • Circe
  • Moxie

Okay so from here on out there will be spoilers for the chapters of this reading session, so beware!

Chapter 4

So for my feeling the story really starts to move forward with this chapter. The first three chapters felt like they were an introduction for the characters, world and setting. And now everything is going down. I have to be honest, I was shocked when I finished this chapter. I was already really interested in Sumi and she is dead by the end of the chapter, I am not happy about that. It is just sad.

So in this chapter we also learn things about the parents of Jill and Jack, and after this chapter and the next two I am started to grow pretty fond of Jack. Things I forget were mentioned in chapter 3 were repeated in this chapter, which I am quite happy with (since I forgot them). So the first point I forgot was that Eleanor has her own door and she has gone through it several times, but as an adult she isn’t able to return because she can’t breathe the air of that world anymore which I found to be an interesting concept. The other this was that there is also a sister school for children who don’t want to return to the world they came from anymore.

Chapter 5

This chapter was fairly short so I sped through it while reading, because a lot happens. In this chapter we are introduced to Loriel (I don’t know how to pronounce her name, my brain wants to give it a Dutch spin because of the ‘ie’ XD) and in the beginning she is written to dislike. But later on in the chapter we are told her story and the world she came from. And then by the end of the chapter she is suddenly dead! The way her death was described really got to me. All those children desire is to go back to their world. And this was also described with Sumi, but they would never find their door because they are dead. And that just really hit my feelings.

Also I got the weird feeling that the teacher Lundy shouldn’t be trusted. I don’t know why, it is just a feeling and I might be completely wrong (and I will apologize to her if I am), but I don’t trust her.

Chapter 6

In this chapter we get to know Christopher more and I like his character. I do have to say that there are a lot of characters we are introduced to for a book which is 180 pages long. I can still keep them apart but to get a new character every chapter is quite a lot to keep up with.

What I really enjoyed as a detail in this book, is that the parents are mentioned when the deaths occur. That they should notify Loriel’s parents since they were still involved in her care and Sumi’s parents were dead so there was no one to notify.

So those were my thoughts on the chapters we read. I am still really enjoying my time with Every Heart A Doorway, but I am seeing some things of which I am not quite sure if I enjoy them or not. So what were your thoughts on these chapters? And what is the next book you would love to read together?

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