BUDDY READ WITH ME | Every Heart A Doorway (Part3: Ch7-end)

Hello Readers!

So here is the final part to the Every Heart A Doorway Buddy Read. And for a while this is going to be the final one I will be doing, since I get the feeling you guys don’t enjoy this as much as I thought you would (as much as I would), so later on I might as if I should start doing it again. But for now this is the last one.

So in this part we will be finishing up Every Heart A Doorway. And I will be sharing my finally thoughts with you on this book.

Chapter 7

So this chapter made me trust Lundy less. She was very suspicious when she was talking to the main characters, it was in a certain way which made me more untrusting of her. And Kade is just a sweet guy, this chapter confirmed that for me once again. I also noticed that I didn’t really know how I felt about Jill, I know that I really like her sister, Jack. But had mixed feelings on Jill.

Chapter 8

In this chapter we follow Jack and Christopher around as they get rid of Loriel’s bones. And something that kind of made me laugh was the fact that Christopher said something which creeped Jack out, normally it is the other way around. It just made me laugh.

Chapter 9

In this chapter we learn that Kade is family from Eleanor and that one day he will inherent the school and taking the roll Eleanor has at the moment. Angela is annoying and I do NOT like her. At the end of the chapter we find out that Lundy is killed and that her brain has been taken by the killer (I also own Lundy an apology since I thought she was the murderer. So sorry Lundy). And Christopher puts Angela in her place after making a transphobic comment towards Kade. It was also this chapter that I noticed that in chapter 7,8 and 9 the perspectives change, every chapter we are following someone else.

Chapter 10

Jack is hurt and I was worried for her. And at the end we get to know who the killer is, Jill! *dun dun DUN!*

Chapter 11

So I have some mixed feeling on this chapter. I am not really too keen on how everything is resolved. Jill has been killing girls and taking their perfect body parts, to make the perfect girl which every world would want. So she could go back to her world. Jack eventually ‘kills’ Jill with the intention of resurrecting her, because it takes a part of her dream away. If Jill has died before she can’t become a vampire, which is what she wanting. And then the door to their world opens and they are off. I am happy for Jack that she can go back, but I rather would have seen more punishment for Jill since she did kill three people.

Chapter 12 (epilogue)

I did love the ending of the book. Nancy’s door opens after she reads a letter Sumi had put in her suitcase. It almost made me cry, I loved this part.


So yeah, I have some mixed feelings towards the ending, but overall I really enjoyed reading Every Heart A Doorway and I will be picking up the sequel. I believe Down Among The Sticks and Bones will be following Jack and Jill, which I am happy about. I really enjoyed Jack, Kade and Christopher as characters and the character dynamic of the whole cast (I would love separate books from Kade’s and Christopher’s worlds and point of view).

So what were your thoughts on Every Heart A Doorway? How do you feel about the ending? And who was your favorite character? I think mine would be Sumi and Jack.

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