Kpop Playlist | June 2019

So I know it is a bit late, but better late than never right! I actually really enjoyed doing the last Kpop Playlist, so I am going to be doing that for this month as well. Of course I listen to more songs, but if I were to put them all in a list, you would see 80% repeats every month. So every month I will pick around 5-8 songs. If you would like to see some theme, please let me know.

ITZY – Dalla Dalla

When I heard this debut for the first time I wasn’t enjoying it at all, it felt off and I just couldn’t enjoy listening to it. But after giving it a few repeats I started to tolerate it to loving it. I still would like to learn dance, it looks like a great workout. I am already looking forward to their comeback, whenever that might be!

Everglow – Bon Bon Chocolat

I loved this song the first time I watched it. Before listening to it, I’ve heard that the song was ‘heavily’ autotuned. But when I listened to it, I wasn’t bothered with the autotune, quite the opposite, I found it charming.

BTS – Danger

So since I have become quite familiar with the recent work of BTS, I decided to back track and listen to their older songs. To be honest, when they had their though outfits and were acting all though in the music videos, I find it so adorable I can’t help it. I really enjoy listening to Danger and some of the older ones so far.

EXID – Up & Down

This song is iconic and I only know one move from the choreography, and you all can guess which one. It is catchy, gets stuck in your head and whenever you least expect it, it pops up.

Park Bom – 4:44 ft. Whee In

I have been in love with this song ever since it came out! The music video is beautiful and I am in love with Bom’s voice, and certainly in combination with Whee In’s voice. I actually enjoy the whole debut album of Park Bom as a solo artist.

So which group is your favorite group and who is your bias of that group? At the moment, mine favorite group is Blackpink and my bias has recently shifted from Rosé to Jisoo.

3 thoughts on “Kpop Playlist | June 2019

  1. i felt the same way about dalla dalla. i didn’t like it at first and i thought it was a bit too soon for the girls to debut but it grew on me and they’re actually super talented. i believe they’re supposed to have a comeback sometime in july or at least there’s been speculation. i also didn’t like bon bon chocolat at first but then i found myself humming it around the house for days on end and it grew on me haha! i originally got into bts through their older stuff and it brings back nostalgia for me even though it was only maybe 2-3 years ago when i got into them. i adore their older songs and they were so adorable xD

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    1. Oh I didn’t know that Itzy was doing something in July, now I am very excited for July! My first song of BTS was Idol and I listened to it this year, so I am slowly catching up with all the songs they have brought out.

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      1. yup! it’s not confirmed as far as i know but it’s very possible! i’d definitely recommend their older stuff. a lot of people prefer their newer stuff but i personally like their old style more


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