Blog Anniversary | Update

Hello Readers!

So like a week ago I got a notification from WordPress that my blog has turned 3 years! I had forgotten when the anniversary was and when I got the notification I got some mixed feelings about my anniversary and my blog in general.

When I think about the last year I am not really proud of the content I have created or I could say the lack of content. I love my blog and I love writing posts about books, but for a while I have just been struggling with things.

I am not happy about the lack of content I have created and I am not happy about the quality of the content I have created. So I would love to change that. I can be very critical of myself and most of the time I focus on the things I am not doing which I ‘should’ be doing. But I am done with that critical part of myself standing in my way of a lot of things. What I am also experiencing is I really want to do something but I keep procrastinating on it which makes it hard for me to start doing it, so I am also done with that. That is why I am writing this post, this the beginning of my comeback.

But my lack of content also has had a reason and the reason is also still present, which is my mental health. So everything went downhill last year and I thought that I could get out of it with help just not medication or therapy. Turns out that is not the case. So I have been diagnosed with depression again, I am back on medication and I have therapy again. So if you have any questions, you can always ask them. I always want to be open about my mental health, because it feels like something I shouldn’t be ashamed of, so don’t be afraid to ask questions, if I don’t want to answer it I’ll just tell you. But there is very little I am willing to share.

With that also came another problem, which is my Bachelor degree. At the moment I am just not able to perform on the level I was studying at, so I decided to take a step back in the level. So right now I am at a new school and hopefully I can graduate in January.

So what is my game plan for now? For now I plan to post 3 times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. And reviews for books are going to be on Tuesday and Thursday, if I have read a book to review or if I have the time to write a review. So in order to do the 3 posts in a week I plan to write them on one day for a whole week which is probably going to be on a Friday, so I hope by always doing it on a Friday (since I have school on Fridays and I don’t learn that much there), that the posts will be done in time.

So that is what I am going to try and I hope that next year when I get the notification on my Anniversary I will be proud of the fourth year I have spent with my blog.

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