Is Fate The Winx Saga worth the watch?

Hello Readers!

I didn’t think this would have been my first post of the year and my first post coming back to blogging but it is. This is going to be my review of the Netflix serie Fate The Winx Sage. This is going to be spoiler free and if there will be any spoilers mentioned I will put a warning before hand. 

So let em give you a backstory on my relationship with the source material for this series The Winx Club. I was 10 I believe when it started airing on the Dutch television. At that time Aisha was called Layla and I still don’t know why they changed her name, so if you know please educate me. Because in my head she will always be Layla. I only watched the first three seasons and I have rewatched those seasons a few times. Even though the series is very nostalgic for me, I do see its flaws. But I loved the series and still do, I mean who wouldn’t want to be a fairy?! Musa had always been my favorite. 

So I had heard that there would be a series based on the Winx Club, which made me excited until I saw the trailer. Where the Winx Club was very colorful and bright, the Netflix series was dark and muted. Also the series has been rated for people to watch who are over 16 years, but it still in the teen section of Netflix. 

So I went into this series with low expectations and also a bit afraid what they would do to one of my childhood favs. And I am the demographic for this series, it has been stated clearly that this series was created for the old fans of the show, who have now grown up. 

So is the Netflix series like the cartoon? No not at all! To be honest, apart from names which were used and a few minor plot lines, there are no similarities. So is the Netflix serie bad? No, I would recommend you watch it, since it is actually a good first season. But it is not Winx Club, so what I would suggest you do if you watch this series, don’t compare them, see them separate from each other. 

Now let me tell you about the things I didn’t like about the series and then move on to the things I did like. Let’s start with one of my biggest issues I have with the series and that is Stella. Later on in the series there is an explanation for the reason she behaved the way she did, but I still don’t like it. In the beginning of the series Stella in a mean girl, she looks down upon others, insults people and manipulates others including Bloom. She is also Sky’s ex and they sort of get back together in the beginning of the series, so there is a love triangle and I hated it. That is something I actually really loved about the cartoon. Friendship before boys and no touchy some’s boyfriend or ex. Next Techna is missing and Flora’s character has another name, Terra. Terra could have easily been Flora and I don’t really understand why they changed it. Also at the beginning of the series Bloom’s parents don’t know about her powers, which created a conflict within Bloom which didn’t have to be there. I can have more things I didn’t like but then I really have to compare Winx Club with Fate and I told you not to compare them (which is quite hard to be honest). 

Now on to the things I liked and I am going to start with a big one: Bloom. I really liked Bloom’s character and she really felt like a teenager who suddenly learns about her magical abilities. Does she make good choices? No. But I wouldn’t as well in her situation and in the end she does try to make things right and own up to her mistakes. She went through some character development, which develop along with her magic. A character I also enjoyed was Terra, at the beginning she felt more like a stereotype to me, but she grew throughout the episodes and learn to think for herself and stand up for herself. I also loved that she didn’t judge Musa in particular, she was always very happy for Musa and understand of her struggles and that made her such a beautiful person. Next there are male fairies and female specialist. And lastly this show is very big on grey era, at least that was what I got from it. It isn’t who is good or who is bad. In this series people did things because they thought they were doing the right thing, even though in someone else’s eyes it would be wrong or they didn’t have all the information. With a lot of series like this one, there is a good and an evil, and that is very clear from the beginning. This series starts out like that but it slowly turns grey instead of black and white. Which I loved about this series. 

So those were my thoughts on Fate! I really enjoyed it and it made me feel all kinds of emotions. I laughed, cried and slapped my forehead with this series and I was really invested into the story. I mean, I did watch the whole first season in less than 9 hours. And now the waiting starts for the second season, which I know will come. The ending of this season was very open with a clear beginning for the new season, so I will be “ patiently” waiting. 

Have you seen the series yet and if yes, what were your thoughts and opinion? Also who is your favorite character of Winx Club and which one of Fate? I also would love to hear if you would like me to compare the two with spoilers of course, since I am considering doing it for fun. 

Thank you so much for reading and ‘till the next post! 

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